7 Signs that Your Woman Cheats

The worst thing your wife or girlfriend could do to you is hook up with another man. Here are some of the signs:

1. She is not herself.

Does your ladylove appear lost in thoughts? Does her demeanor seem changed to you? Does she look distant and you know it is nothing at work or home that could be troubling her? Well, all of this might spell trouble in your land of romance! She may just be dwelling on thoughts of another guy, so beware!

2. She has unusually long calls.

It is unusual for partners to be away on long calls when together. To especially seek a remote corner or make sure one is out of hearing range is a sure way of arousing suspicion.

3. She keeps texting.

Does she keep texting while you are driving, watching a movie together or out on a dinner date? That is definitely not a good sign, unless she is helping her friend out in an emergency. You need to find out who she is constantly sending messages to.

4. She gives you perfunctory kisses.

Kissing is one of the most telling signs of romance and intimacy between two people. How she kisses you or the way she responds to your kisses tells a lot about her feelings for you. If you feel that of late the act has been lacking passion, and for no particular reason you can identify, you may just be the victim of cheating, buddy!

5. She has unexplained marks.

An unfaithful girlfriend would go to any length to hide from you any signs of her other affair. Look out for those marks on her neck. They may not be inconsequential wounds, but possibly love bites!

6. She’s not interested in being intimate with you.

Is she disinterested in sex? Does she keep making excuses each time you wish to get close? Is she distant when you do make out? Well, she may just be having a better romp in the bed with someone else. Watch out!

7. She’s suddenly “too nice.”

This may be an extreme situation, but sometimes when girlfriends are guilty of cheating, they often try and go out of their way to be nice. Beware of such occurrences and try and assess the reason behind the extra sugary coating of love.

Judging if your woman is cheating on you or not can be quite a task! Careful analysis of the situation may help you gauge the situation better. However, the above signs are not determining factors of an unfaithful partner, so make sure you do not go up and accuse her before being certain of the facts.


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