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joan vallente

Joan Cabras is a 30 y/o Freelancer by profession. She is a General Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, and Website Creator since 2011. This has been her job since she finished her degree in Computer Science. 

She is committed to helping business owners, authors, professionals, and the like in building their online reputation and boost their online presence through SEO, marketing, social media promotion, website creation/maintenance, etc.


If you need a person who can create/manage your social media accounts, boost your online presence, market your business, create a beautiful responsive website for you, etc. OR just wanted to say hi, please don’t hesitate to contact Joan via email. 

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy reading Joan’s Blog!

Social Media Set-Up & Management

Create & Manage Your Social Media Accounts

Website Creation

Create Beautiful and Responsive Website


For all other business inquiries, please don’t hesitate to send me an email. 



"It is my pleasure to recommend Joan for any position. During the time she worked for me she always provided high quality work, and was very efficient with the task she was assigned. She displayed good judgment and was a very quick learner."


"Joan has been an absolute pleasure to have on my team. She has been reliable, proactive, and diligent. And she comes to work with a positive attitude every day. Whenever I ask her to do something new, and what may be beyond her knowledge and expertise, she is always ready for the challenge and eager to accomplish the task. She does a great job."


I enjoyed working with Joan from day one. She is very pleasant and thoughtful and easy to get along with. Joan takes direction well and quickly responds to request for action and changes to procedure. Joan has an ability to think for herself and improve upon assigned tasks as well as follow instructions exactly. My most successful time at came as a direct result of Joan's hard work and ability to find and connect with relevant candidates. I gave Joan a long and thorough set of instructions and after that she required very little hand-holding and made me feel like each subsequent training session we had generated an uptick in results. At no point in our time working together did she backslide or become less productive. When I was on vacation for a week without internet capability Joan ran my desk and kept momentum going. I returned to find my emails answered appropriately and new meetings booked such that I didn’t miss a beat. I wholeheartedly recommend Joan as an assistant. I hope to work with her again in the future and hope you choose to work with her as well. You will not be disappointed.