Confessions of Being A Mom

motherTo become a mother is one of the most challenging roles ever.


When I was still young, I use to ask myself how would I feel if I ever become a mother someday? Would I be able to survive the pain of giving birth? Would I be able to take care of my kids very well? Would I be able to give my kids all their needs? All of these questions were answered by me after I gave birth to my first child, Tristan. Giving birth to him was not easy especially because he is my first baby. More than 12 hours of labor and pain but after he came out, what I felt was priceless.





Right now Tristan Zion is already 3 years old and he’s a very healthy toddler though stubborn sometimes.







Two years after, Tiffany Zarene came.


She’s now a year old.


I am so glad to have these two beautiful and lively kids in my life. They’re my inspiration and my happiness.

I’m sure all moms out there feels the same as what I feel right now.

Happy mother’s day to all of us! Whatever our child calls us #mom #mama #mommy etc.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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