How to Get RCBC Mercury My Wallet Card


A few days ago I have applied for an RCBC Mercury My Wallet Card card since my Union bank ATM card had already expired. The purpose of getting one is that I want to link it with my Paypal account. Based also on my research, this is the cheapest card that can be link with a PayPal account. If you want to get one, you should bring at least 2 valid id’s. What I brought was my SSS UMID card and my Philhealth id. The personnel in charge will be the one to make the photocopy of your id’s. Then, you must fill up an application form and after you submit the form, the person in charge for the new accounts will tell you to come back the next day. You don’t have to pay the card upon application. You have to pay a minimum of Php100 to get your card the next day but if you want to link it with your PayPal account, you should pay atleast Php130. You will then have a balance of Php120 in your card. 

It also took me days before I got access to my card online. Just be patient because RCBC staffs are still updating their database if ever you can’t access it online. It would also be better if you apply on RCBC Recto branch because  that is where I applied.

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