How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Last


If someone truly loves you, distance is not a problem. 🙂

They say, only few couples out there can survive a long distance relationship. I say, it’s just the power of trust, loyalty, and love for each other that is important.

Are you or your close friend currently involve in a long distance relationship? Well, this article is for you to read. Below are the tips on how you can make an LDR relationship last. These will help you lessen the burden of distance. Remember that your situation is only temporary. Time passes by quickly and it’s up to the two of you on how you’ll make the relationship stronger.

1. Meet Halfway

Find the location that is exactly halfway between you and your significant other. Make this spot your special place, and meet there at least twice a year. Meeting halfway symbolizes the compromise you both are making for each other. And that is always an important aspect of relationships.

secret2. Secret Messages

The scenario: You went to visit your love. It’s almost time to head back home. Here’s your chance to leave him/her with lasting impression. Hide little notes around their apartment. Under a pillow. Inside their wallet. Inside their favorite book. Finding random little notes from you after you are gone will make their day.

3. Facebookfb

Social networking is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. It can also give you another outlet of communication with your significant other. Use Facebook chat, leave witty and cute comments on their pictures, upload your favorite pictures of the two of you together. Use Facebook as another way to keep in touch.

4. Get Personal

Sometimes they say that missing someone hurts more than loving someone. Take that energy and write some heart-felt poetry. Bind it all together and give it to them on an important day (like an anniversary or birthday).

5. Care Package

Whenever you’re bored, and you’re online shopping, if you see something that reminds you of your love, buy it and have it shipped to them. Receiving care packages always makes people feel special. When the gift feels personal, you will give them a sweet surprise.

6. Trust

Long distance can bring out your worst emotions. Sometimes you can feel jealous, worried, and even anxious. Just remember you both committed to working on your relationship, even as you are both working on your own lives (with school or careers). When you trust them, feeling out-of-the-loop wont be so hard.

trust7. Phone Talk

Copy The Office’s Jim & Pam when you try to make your long distance relationship work. They used the world’s smallest bluetooth to talk to each other all day long. Nobody had a clue. It is like your own secret, and personal, walkie talkie.

8. Holidays

Every month there is at least one holiday. If it is possible find a way to visit one another. Alternate. One month you fly over to them, next month they will fly over to you. Meet their new friends. Explore together. Don’t use this time to pick at an argument. Make every moment together count.

9. Snail Mailletter

Taking the time to write love letters to each other is a romantic way of saying you love them. It is a place where you can write what you are really feeling and the plan you want to make with each other. Seeing your name on a sealed envelope will make their heart flutter.

10. Instagram

With long distance relationships, you can become insecure. Will s/he meet someone new? What is s/he doing without me? Both of you should Instagram your days. You will feel connected seeing who they are hanging out with AND be apart of the new experiences they are having in their new city.

skyoe11. Skype

Seeing their face, even through a computer screen, makes the distance seem easier. Talking without the physical contact can bring about conversations you may never had, creating an emotional connection that will be impossible to break.

12. Plan Similar Activities

Plan to watch the same movie, the same baseball game, or TV show. Having that simple thing in common will give you something to talk about when conversation gets slow. It will also make you feel like you watched it together, even if only in spirit.

13. Travel

Plan a trip together. Somewhere new where the two of you can meet. A real vacation filled with relaxation, drinks, and sun. Making your limited time together count, might just hold you over till the next trip. Being each other’s vacation will keep your hearts close in the meantime.

14. Daily CommunicationLong distance relationship communicate

Keeping daily communication is key to a successful long distance relationship. Being in contact everyday shows that you are thinking about them. It shows that even though there is distance, they are still the one that occupies your mind. Don’t always have time for Skype? A quick text about an inside joke or a simple text “goodnight” will be more than enough.



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