Inconsiderate Driver

As I was riding on a jeepney  going to work here in downtown Davao, I saw an old woman along the side of the road together with her grandson, a little boy. They both look helpless. I saw lola waiving her hand on the jeepney where I am inside as a passenger. A simple waive of a hand in which you can say that she’s asking for help on the jeepney driver. That time, I thought to myself that the jeepney driver woould step on the break and let lola and her apo go inside the jeepney and give them a free ride. But, I was wrong, the driver didn’t stop. Instead, he drove faster.

Honestly, I felt bad about what happened. I immediately prayed that lola and her apo would be seen by a kindhearted driver who will give them a free ride. Through that incident, I am more aware now that there are really many people who are very inconsiderate towards elders and/or peasants. That simple help, if the driver just did it, I am sure he would be blessed in every days. But, the saddest thing is, he didn’t.

All I think at this moment is that I hope lola and her apo came to their destination already through a help of a kind jeepney driver and I am sure God knows who that man is.

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