My Life on Being a Call Center Agent

Since I was a child, I have always dreamed of working in a Call Center company. They say, if you are a call center agent, you’ll gonna have a higher salary aside from that, you’ll also have bonuses and incentives too. The fact that you can also enhance your English speaking skills because of the calls you have to do everyday makes you more fluent.

Last year, after I have graduated in college. I attended a Labor Day jobs fair here in Davao City.  Many job vacancies awaits to be filled but there are a lot of job seekers also. That’s why, I applied as many as I could that time. All I had in my mind is that grab whatever opportunity you will get. I was able to pass ten resumes each for the ten companies I have applied. The last company I applied for is a Call Center company.  I was interviewed and have been requested to report on their office. To make it short, I got the job!

It took me 2 months of training like other trainees did. I signed my contract after I already submitted the requirements (of course ;-().. There are many accounts in the company and I was placed on the Virtual Assistant’s account. I love working as a VA because you have your own client you should work for. I have had many clients before and there are many things I have learned from doing their tasks. In short, I don’t do the inbound/outbound calls.  I talk to my client if they wanted to talk to me. Mostly, we just communicate through Skype.

As of now, I am already working as a Virtual Assistant for a year and I am happy with it. I have a very good client and not to mention, a very generous one.

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