Why Men Become House Husband

In a democratic country like ours, here in the Philippines, being a househusband isn’t that acceptable to some people. When you say a househusband, it means that the wife works to support the family and the husband is the one left in the house to take care of the kids and do the household chores like cooking, laundry, cleaning the house, and etc. In the US, women comprised 46.8 percent of the total U.S. labor force and are projected to account for 46.9 percent of the labor force in 2018, according to the United States Department of Labor. This means that more men are sharing or taking over household duties and childcare.
Here in the Philippines, we usually see that the husband works while the wife remains in the house to do household chores. But what are the reasons why husbands become house husbands? Here is the factors I got from my research based on Yahoo Answers!
1- In most cases, the reason is because it is the wife who is able to find a job whether domestically or overseas and someone has to stay at home and be with the kids;
2- The wife is the one earning a good salary compared to the husband who could possibly be out-of-work and it is more practical for the guy just to stay home;
3- One of them has to stay home rather than hire a domestic helper who might not be reputable or responsible enough to take care of the house and the kids, specially very young ones and the one who stays behind is the one who is earning less than the other person;
4- Many househusband find it more practical to stay at home and do the traditional woman’s chores (most of them is not making a big deal of the situation).

It’s constantly a team effort for both the wife and the husband to live harmoniously and help each one out in any predicament they might face. Life is not perfect and we should never judge those couples who are in this kind of situation. Respect begets respect. 🙂

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